The boarding precautions refers to a person (hereinafter referred to as "user") who intends to use the Setouchi Cruise service operated by the operator, Setouchi Joycruise Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "our company").
The following details the precautions we request the user takes before boarding a cruise operated by our company.

Request for infection prevention

  • We ask all customers for your cooperation in disinfecting your hands and taking your temperature just before boarding.
    Please note, if you have any of the following symptoms, you will be asked to refrain from boarding.
    • Fever
    • Cold-like symptoms (fever, cough, sneezing, sore throat, etc.)
    • Fatigue or shortness of breath
    • Any other symptoms of being unwell
  • For the time being, all passengers will be required to wear a mask, so we ask for your cooperation.
  • Please note that customers who have travelled overseas within the 7 days prior to boarding will be asked to refrain from boarding.

About reservations

  • You can apply for one or more people using the reservation form.
    Please apply for a provisional reservation at least 7 days before departure.
  • When you complete and submit the reservation form, you will receive an automatic reply email for the provisional reservation.
    After confirming the reservation status, our staff will be in touch to guide you through the formal reservation procedure.
    Please contact us as soon as possible if there are any changes after booking.
    *Please note that submission of the reservation form alone does not book the reservation
  • Please contact us at least 1 week in advance if you would like to select a cooking plan or arrange for additional options.
    Please note that requests for certain cooking plans or additional options may not be able to be accommodated if requests are not made in time.

About boarding

  • Departure and return may be delayed due to congestion at the pier.
    Depending on the tide level, weather, rivers, river construction, etc., the course may be changed or the start/end may be changed.
  • Please be prepared for cold/warm weather as the temperature can change suddenly at sea.
    Please refrain from using a parasol due to potential strong winds.
  • Caution: Please do not carry out any of the below dangerous behaviours.
    If you do not stop when requested, the captain has the right to refuse boarding or force disembarking of the boat.
    1. Operating the ship's steering equipment and other equipment for navigation.
    2. Entering prohibited areas on the ship.
    3. Smoking in areas where smoking is prohibited on board.
    4. Operating or moving fire extinguishers, emergency alarms, life jackets, or any other equipment.
    5. Operating or move ramps, barriers, and other equipment for the use of boarding and disembarking of passenger or for preventing falls.
    6. Damaging or move signs indicating how passengers board and disembark or any other signs or notices posted for the safety of passengers.
    7. Throwing stones, glass bottles, pieces of metal or any other objects that may damage the vessel or persons or cargo on board the vessel.
    8. Dumping prohibited articles into the sea.
    9. Causing other passengers any discomfort or annoyance.
    10. Disturbing the order or morals onboard, or doing anything that is harmful to the hygiene standards on board.
  • Regarding boarding and disembarking and other activities on board, you must follow the instructions given by the captain or our staff to ensure safety and maintain order on board.
  • The Company may refuse you to bring personal belongings on board (items that passengers carry into the cabin by themselves as baggage) if they fall under any of the following items.
    If there is a suspicion that the personal belongings fall under any of the items below, the contents of the relevant personal belongings may be inspected in the presence of the passenger or a third party.
    1. Anything that emits an odour, is unclean, or is otherwise likely to annoy passengers.
    2. Guns, swords, explosives, and other items that may cause harm to passengers or ship.
    3. Anything deemed inappropriate for transportation.

Operating standards (outline)

  • The boat may operate in light rain and so please check the boat status in advance.
  • Depending on the tide level and weather conditions, the course may be change or the start/end point may change.
    Please note, in the event of sudden weather deterioration or engine failure, the cruise may be cancelled just before departure.
    Only in the case of service cancellation will we refund or change the reservation date.
  • We will decide whether or not to operate in accordance with our safety operation regulations that have been submitted to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.
    They are outlined as follows, and if applicable, the cruise will be cancelled.
    1. If weather, sea conditions or hydrological conditions may endanger the operation of the ship.
      As a standard, we cannot operate in the case of a wind speed of 10 m/s or more, a wave height of 1 m or more, an abnormal tide level, or floating debris (such as driftwood or garbage).
    2. In the event of a natural disaster, man-made disaster, marine accident, failure of the ship or any other unavoidable reason.
    3. If a passenger becomes unwell.
    4. If it is determined by the Company's operation manager.
  • In the event that the cruise is cancelled due to weather or other reasons, it will be cancelled at 13:00 on the day before departure.

Cancellation policy

  • If you cancel the cruise after making a reservation, you will be required to pay a cancellation fee at the rate below of the total cruise price.
    In regards to refunds due to cancellation, you will be subject to any transfer fee's incurred.
    31 or more days before 8 - 30 days before 2 - 7 days before 1 day before On the day
    Cancellation rate No charge 30% 50% 80% 90%
  • Please be sure to contact us by 17:00 the day before to cancel.
    Contact made after 17:00 will be responded to the next day.
  • On the date of reservation, please arrive 20 minutes in advance to complete the pre departure check in.
    Please note that 100% of the fee will be charged if you do not make it in time for boarding.